Wir bieten Lehmputze, Farb-Lehmputze, Lehmsteine, Lehmtrockenbauplatten u. Lehmbau, sowie eine ausgereifte Planungs-Infrastruktur und Baustoff-Logistik. Clay is one of the earliest used basic building materials and now it is available in board form – making it a thoroughly modern and convenient building material with outstanding natural properties. It is especially suitable for high comfort, low energy buildings.

Clay and flax fibre top coat plaster.

This one-coat plaster is a blend of clay, fine aggregate and organic fibres that is supplied as a dry powder. Clay one-coat plaster is suitable for use as a one-coat plaster or a coarse-textured finish coat on internal surfaces of walls and. Earth contributes to creating healthy and comfortable interiors, a product of the specific properties of the clay minerals it contains. Rooms made with clay are healthy, relaxing and promote a sense of well-being.

During this time they have not only perfected . Deren Landsleute haben am Wochenende ihren Weltmeister-Titel im Dreiband-Billard erfolgreich verteidigt. Building systems are developed in addition to the building materials, for example internal insulation with clay and wood fibre panels (the combination of different near- natural products).

Distribution happens through the cooperation of about 600 . After years of steady growth in this niche market the company becomes one of the leading producers of earth building materials in Europe. Join LinkedIn today for free. ClayTech Pumps, a division of Clayton Engineering, is a recognized brand leader in the Australian market for domestic, industrial and agricultural pumps. STEICO Internal with clay plaster ClayTec.

Anwendungsvideo zur Innendämmung mit CLAYTEC Lehmbauplatten. Insbesondere der im Putz. Get Spotify Open Spotify . For Peter Breidenbach, working . Development of prefabriFig. Fibre-clay plaster mortar with chopped straw, prepared as. Claytec Yosima Lehmputz Farbraum-Farben Gold-Ocker 3. En effet, nous aidons dans la recherche d’architectes et artisans ayant la connaissance et l’expérience de l’ argile, nous vous soutiendrons dans la conception et la réalisation de votre projet.

Viersen, reviews by real people. CLAYTEC -bouwstoffen uit leem voor België en Luxemburg. Leembouwstoffen openen nieuwe perspectieven voor architecten en vaklui.

Ze bevatten geen verontreinigende stoffen en omdat ze de vochtigheid reguleren en dampen opnemen, dragen ze bij tot een gezond en aangenaam woonklimaat. Leitmotive sind die Liebe zum Baustoff ebenso wie die Rationalität der Bautechnik. Die Marke steht für die Schönheit und Ausdruck von Lehm, gleichermaßen aber auch für die genaue Kenntnis .